Something about Vasily

Hi! My name is Vasily and the fact you are reading this means you were looking for me or maybe you just curious and clicked unreasonably displayed in Google link. In any case you are here and reading some kind of short essay about me.

As you probably know I am a software developer with a lot years of real experience with involvement in all phases of software development life cycle. I started my career in blah-blah-blah… You can find all these dry statistical facts in my CV but now let me please tell you something not so official.

I’m absolutely sure everybody should do something interesting besides the job. I am not saying that the job is not interesting for me because I love to write programs but the fact is every job sometime becomes routine. I am very glad if this is not your case, my dear reader, but you read this on my personal site and it’s all about me. So when my job becomes boring I travel to the mountains. Oh how I love these mountains! All of them! I can just hike, which I do not love so much, but it still resurrects me from the bustle and hustle of the city. But my favorite activities are more exciting - rock climbing and snowboarding. You know, I think it’s perfectly well and very confinient that exactly these sports I love so much because all year can be covered with one of my favorite activity - climbing during the summer and riding down the slopes when it’s cold and snowy! Besides of the great fun I believe these sports teach you how to concentrate on a goal and move forward to achieve it. This skill also helps me a lot in software engineering - the biggest and least favorite part of my life. Actually you should do the same thing on a rock, on a slope and under the keyboard - observe the goal and go for it.

Since I started talking about me and software you always can find my job achievements in my CV. If you would need any additional details it will be my pleasure to provide them, just let me know. But now I would like to tell something about the projects which I am working on besides my job during free time. And the first project I want to mention is (drumroll) MegaFeed! By the moment it’s a temporary name, or codename if you wish, because we have no final decision on how to call it. My friend and me are working on this project some time and the major idea is to combine posts from different social networks in one unified feed. Right now we support posts from Instagram, Twitter and Facebook but we are working on extending of our service and increasing the amount of supported consumers. Pretty stable but still development version of the web site is available here and mobile clients will also be uploaded very soon. We are still working on them. During long time I was building architecture and coding back-end parts (services, business logic etc.) mostly, and returning to the web UI development was quite challenging. But it's so exciting to extract from your memory long unused skill! Another challenge was a mobile development for iOS and Android. Almost all my previous experience is about Windows and Web development but it seems like we successfully approaching the goal and very soon our applications will be presented to the public.

To be continued...